-Imagine if there were a button like the Staples Easy button

that let's you hear quotes form the Big Book and AA Slogans every day -


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Bob Proctor
The Daily Motivator
Larry Winget
Law Cases
Football Facts
Golf Trivia
Horse Whisperer
Martial Art Quotes
SAT Exam Questions
365 Ways to be Green
Words of Jesus
Weight Loss Tips
Healthier Living
Life Coach
Cowboy Wisdom
Law of Attraction,
Nursing Wisdom
Fishing Tips
Gardening Wisdom
Boy Scout
Mom To Be
Semper Fie
Air Force
Hockey Trivia
Doctor Tidbits
Knock Knock Jokes
Wine Lovers



- Place an LLD on the kitchen counter and share secrets of life and words of wisdom with your children as you make breakfast.

- Sit an LLD on your desk  and receive daily motivation with the press of a button.

- Locate an LLD beside the coffee pot at work and give your employees words of wisdom from some of history's greatest achievers.



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Home Grown

 $19.95 each if you buy 3 or more.  Mix & match from our Home Grown, LLD's. Use code. 
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Secrets of life & Words of Wisdom, LLD

Great achievers and innovators have followed certain secrets that allow them to get what they want out of life.  This LLD delivers these secrets along with mantras and quotes that motivate you to make your dreams a reality. Belief systems and values of people who have accomplished their dreams are shared with the touch of a button. This Life Learning Device gives you the mental keys to unlock and fuel your confidence, attitude, motivation and passion! 



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Home Grown

 $19.95 each if you buy 3 or more.  Mix & match from our Home Grown, LLD's. Use code. 
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Daily Devotions, LLD  

Biblical inspirations are easily relayed to you and those you love with the touch of a button. This LLD helps you live your day-to-day life in the light of the Lord with scripture and uplifting quotes from religious leaders throughout history.  Everyday you are enlightened with values and beliefs that motivate your passions and inspire your soul. Use this LLD to be a positive influence in your life and in the lives of others!

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Home Grown

 $19.95 each if you buy 3 or more.  Mix & match from our Home Grown, LLD's. Use code. 
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Twelve Steps, LLD   

Hear quotes from the Big Book everyday at the touch of a button.  This LLD has quotes from the big book along with various other motivational and inspirational slogans that have helped those in recovery lead productive and fulfilled lives.  Remembering who you are and what you believe in is important when following a twelve step program.  The Twelve Steps, LLD is there for you everyday all year long, reminding you of the new you that you are becoming.  365 daily inspirations.

Golf Tips & Trivia, LLD

A great gift for anyone who loves the game of Golf!
Every day this LLD will pass on tips on how to better your game, facts about the sport and a Golf joke every now and then.  Ideal for any Golfer from beginner to advanced.   

Home Grown
    Available July, 2009 

Law of Attraction, LLD

Thoughts become things!  Change your thoughts, change your reality.  This LLD reminds you all year long of how valuable your thoughts truly are and guides you in practicing the Law with tid bits of wisdom and quotes from people throughout history about the Law of Attraction. 

Home Grown
    Available July, 2009 

Ways to be Green, LLD

This LLD is a fantastic gift for anyone who enjoys living a Green life.  Every day tips and techniques are shared on how to decrease one's carbon foot print.  Making the world enviromentally friendly one push of the button at a time.  

Home Grown
    Available July, 2009 

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Les Brown, LLD

One of the world's leading motivational speakers is now accessible ever day at the touch of a button.  Les Brown has been a diligent student of personal growth for over thirty years.  He has the astounding ability to light a fire in your soul that can lead you to take action in finding and fulfilling your passion.  365 of his greatest words of wisdom taken from his most popular speeches are on this LLD to inspire you to "Live Full and Die Empty!"



Expand your Wisdom

....all at the touch of a button!