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About Us

One morning when I was eating breakfast with my two little girls, I told them that their Grandpa wrote a book that had secrets in it.... secrets on how to get what you want out of life and how to be happy no matter what happened to you.  So I told them a little tid-bit of wisdom ..... "Before you say something negative about someone pretend they are standing beside you."   Then the next day my five year old asked for another secret. 

Growing up as a kid, every time my Dad would give us advice or was right about something he would say, "You should listen to me, I wrote the book!".  For a long time, I actually thought there was a big book with all this wise knowledge in it that he wrote.  I later found out that he never did write a book, it was just an expression he used.

So the next day I had to come up with another secret of life to give to my kids.  I did well for a while.  I am a professional stock trader and I have read many motivational books over my career, so I could ramble off a number of quotes and words of wisdom.  After about three weeks I was all out of  "off the top of my head" tricks to help them better their lives and I actually had to go to the internet.

That is when I wished I had a button to hit that would just spit out Secrets of Life and Words of Wisdom, then I wouldn't have to look up "smart" things to say to my kids that will help them build positive attitudes, values and ways of thinking.  I couldn't find a device that would fill this need, so I was determined to create one.

As the project developed, I realized that people could use this device for more than just receiving secrets of life. An LLD could easily deliver daily devotions, facts about sports and interesting hobbies or even learn a foreign language.

Our goal is to add value to people's lives by allowing them to receive inspiration, knowledge and wisdom on a consistent basis at the simple touch of a button!!

(My little girls still think their Grandpa has a big book laying around that has secrets of life in it!)

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