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         Custom Create Your Own Life Learning Device 

 *  Be on the desks of your clients all year long offering them your words of wisdom. 

 * Offer a back of the room product that will increase your sales and make you be remembered.

 * Get 24hr/365 day-a-year marketing while adding value to your clients everyday.

We custom create a button that verbally plays the voice and material of speakers and authors.  Everyday this Life Learning Device (LLD) is programmed to verbally communicate a new tidbit of wisdom or knowledge. No matter how many times the button is pressed, it will play the same information until the next day.

Take your current CD's and voice files and offer them to your patrons 365 days a year.  Whether you speak or write about motivation, negotiations, self-help, engineering, horse training or basket weaving... your information can be dispensed to people on a consistent basis expanding their wisdom about their favorite hobby or passion.


Les Brown, LLD


Law of Attraction, LLD

Secrets of Life & Words

of Wisdom, LLD

The Twelve Steps, LLD

Golf Tips & Trivia, LLD

Daily Motivator, LLD
Ways To Be Green, LLD


Willie Jolley, LLD
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A Life Learning Device is a new medium of communication much like a CD, DVD or MP3 player.  When you buy an LLD you can use it for the rest of your life to expand your wisdom about your favorite subject every day on a consistent basis at the touch of a button.  

There is an SD card that goes into the bottom of the LLD.  You can create your own SD card and put it in an LLD much like a CD.  You give us the voice files you wish to have played on your LLD and we will put them on an SD.

Custom LLD SD cards cost $3.00 a piece.  Authors and speakers can choose to sell their SD cards for any price they like. 

The end user needs an LLD to play their LLD SD card.  The Life Learning Devices which play the SD cards cost $14.50.

Authors and speakers can choose to offer their customers just their SD card or their SD card and the LLD player. In either case, the author always has the option to sell their SD or LLD to the consumer before they pay for it. (see below)

You can custom create your LLD SD card to your liking.  If you would like it to have 365 days of information or 57 days of information...you can put as many tidbits as you like on your SD card.   (365 days of your wisdom is however a magic number for consumers.)


           How much does it cost to custom create an LLD?

Free Package:

If you have the files you wish to use for your LLD and the label you wish to have on the front, just email them to us and we will create your LLD for free.  (See specifications for audio files and labels).

$199 Package:

If you would like for us to listen to your current CD's and audio files and arrange your most powerful tidbits of wisdom, this is the best package for you.  It saves you the time and energy in listening to all your recorded materials.  

Send us a 300 dpi picture of you or your logo and we will custom create a label that goes on the front of your LLD as well.



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The minimum quanity order for creating your LLD SD card is 1,  just like creating a CD.  How an LLD differs from a CD is that you do not have to purchase or house any product.  If you are a speaker or author and sell product at the back of the room or off your website, have a few samples for your audience to see and then take orders for the LLD's. 

Once you send us the funds for your LLD's, which come from your consumers, we will fulfill the orders.  This means you will never have to touch product, inventory product or be out of pocket any of your own funds for purchasing inventory to resell.  We offer this drop ship service for $20.00 per LLD plus shipping and handling.

If you choose, you can purchase LLD's and SD cards from us directly and inventory them just like any other product.


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It all depends on the value of the content the LLD will deliver.  A good answer to this question is the question, "What price do you currently sell your CD's for?". 

An LLD is going take the most powerful and useful information you have in all other products and deliver it to the end user over a period of time.  This is a tremendous value added ability.   It can reinforce to the user tips and techniques that they have already learned, remind them of ones they have forgotten or teach them new ones.  

If you have material on self-growth, motivation or inspiration then an LLD adds enormous value to the end user.  All other forms of communication such as a DVD, CD or MP3 player require time, energy and effort to access the data on them and thus are difficult to make part of their daily routine.  An LLD was created to sit in the same location and become part of person's routine.  With topics that involve self-help and motivation, there is no better way to consistently be exposed to positive thoughts and motivation.

Not only is the end user purchasing your information, but they are also purchasing a device they can use for the rest of their life allowing them to expand their wisdom about their favorite hobby or passion every day at the touch fo a button. 

LLD's will be offered anywhere from $39 to $99... or whatever price you choose.   Once again, an LLD is the medium of communication that consistenly drips knowledge on people, the content of the information determines most of the value.

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 If you do not have CD's, DVD's, podcasts or books, we can still create an LLD for you.  We are building a library of premade voice files that will cover a wide area of topics such as:  Motivational Quotes, Weight Loss, Health, Fitness, Life Coaching Tips, Financial Advice and Golf Facts.   These voice files will be owned by us so you can use them at no cost.   Just select the quotes you desire and send us a picture to create your sticker and you will have your very own custom LLD.   

You can go from a speaker with no product to offer, to being a speaker with product at the back of the room that will sell and get used every day. 

If you already have material but not enough of it, then you can use some of our prerecorded quotes to go along with your material and combine them......or you can head to the studio or record your voice files from your computer.  We can also research more data about your topic to create a script for your data.


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There is a reason why this new form of communication adds value to people's lives and it is based on a law of economics;  The Law of Diminshing Marginal Utility.  This law states that the fourth cookie you eat never tastes as good as the first cookie.  The more you get of something the less utility it has to you.  

Imagine if you could press an LLD button and hear a quote, then press it again and hear another quote... and then again to hear another different quote.  The first quote that was given to you, if you remembered what it was, would lose its importance to you because you also had other quotes to listen to and digest.  The fact that you only get one tidbit a day is what makes an LLD valuable.


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The Study LLD is an LLD that has a forward button and a backward button on the rim of the device.  This LLD was created to allow people to study material on a consistent basis during those moments when you are doing simple tasks. 

Place this LLD on your desk and make it a habit to practice a few Spanish phrases while you are waiting for your computer to turn on every morning or are taking off your coat.  Place it on your kitchen table and study for the SAT while you are eating breakfast.

It can hold as many phrases as you need.  We can create an SD card that fits your needs.   If you hold down the top button while holding down the forward button it will skip foward to different chapters and it works the same way in reverse so you will be able to study various chapters. 

The Study LLD does not have an internal clock and does not play one tidbit at a time.  This device was created only for material that is to be studied.  This LLD is not suitable for motivational quotes, inspiration or facts about hobbies.  It is ideal for foreign languages, college entrance exams, medical and legal exams, religious material and as an entertainment piece to music, trivia or jokes.

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 These are the current color choices available for your LLD.  In the future, we will have many more colors available!


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LLD’s give only one tid-bit of wisdom everyday at the touch of a button. No matter how many times the button is pressed it will play the same tidbit over the next 24 hr. period.
LLD’s are designed to sit on a person’s desk, dresser, beside their coffee pot or on the kitchen table. The user makes it part of their daily routine to press it.

Life Learning Devices allow a speaker or author to be on a person’s desk all year long offering them their wisdom and guidance. 

LLD’s make great back of the room product for speakers. Speakers can now say, “Take home my books, cd’s, dvd’s and now have me setting on your desk every day with my LLD!”  

LLD’s are custom made with the speaker’s or author’s name, logo and website on the outside. An LLD thus becomes a 24 hour/365 day-a-year marketing billboard that sits out in public view adding value to people’s lives everyday. 189 days after a leaving a seminar at a large company, a speaker’s voice is still beside the coffee pot in the break room…..adding value everyday…advertising their brand.

Unlike the mediums of communication of books, dvd’s and cd’s which are placed on a shelf when they are done being used, an LLD is used everyday, thus we call it TRUE SELF IMPROVEMENT INSTEAD OF SHELF IMPROVEMENT.

The 24 hr. periods on the LLD’s are set by holding down a little black button that is on the bottom of the LLD. Hold it down for 5 seconds right before you go to bed on the very first day you receive your LLD and then NEVER press that button again. At that time every day, it will jump to the next phrase. If you hold down the reset button again it will revert back to quote number one.

Version 1.1 has a slot on the bottom of the LLD for a flash card, allowing the user to change the information on the LLD. A sticker of the speaker or author goes in the front of the LLD. 

Version 2.0 is the study version. It has a SD card slot in the bottom and can be custom created. It has a forward button and backward button on the top of the rim that allows the user to toggle back and forth to hear more than one quote. This version was designed to be placed on a desk or kitchen table and allow a person to study different languages or topics while they are waiting for a client at work or eating their breakfast.    Motivational quotes or words of wisdom should not be placed on version 2.0, only study material.



As a Life Coach you can set yourself apart by offering your clients a custom built LLD that will share with them advice and guidance everyday instead of just a few hours a month.   Create your very own LLD with either your voice files or ours...or a combination of the two.  We have custom made voice files that include positive affirmations, advice for life, the law of attraction quotes and motivational qoutes. 

With your own LLD you will have a 24 hour/365 days-a-year marketing piece that will sit out beside people's coffee pot and on their desk with your name, logo and website on it adding value to their lives everyday.


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It can take time to go through your CD's and find your most powerful tidbits of wisdom and knowledge.  That is why we have a team set up to do all the work for you.  We can do everything from gathering and arranging 365 tidbits of wisdom about your subject matter to taking that data to the studio and recording it.  We offer a one stop shop for custom creating your own LLD's. 

If you are using previously recorded material, just chop it up in individual files, number them in the order you wish they be heard and email them to us in either MP3 or Wav format. Please be sure to ZIP your files before you send them.  You can use www.transferbigfiles.com to send it.  


The label you design for your LLD needs to be in a circle and must have 1/16th of an inch bleed around the circle.  These means that there must be some color around the edge of the circle so that the die cut will punch it out properly, thus you can not take pictures or words to the edge of your label, if you do they risk getting cute off.  All photos for your label must be 300 DPI.

If you are going to the studio to record new voices, please use the specs below:

Voice Specs (acceptable quality)

1) Sample rate >=44kHZ


2) Resolution = 16bit


3) Bit Rate>=128kbpS


4) Channels: Mono or Stereo


Format: MP3 or Wav



LLD SD Cards    (to top)

  Each SD card can hold up to 600 minutes of voice files.  You can make as many individual voice files as you wish. The same one will be played per 24 hour period no matter how many times the LLD is pressed.  Some clients create 30 voice files, some create 90 voice files.  365 voice files is a magic number because the end consumer knows they are purchasing an entire year of wisdom.   You are custom creating your own LLD so you can create as many or as few files as you wish.

LLD's come with the SD already in place and the label already on the front.  The end consumer just adds batteries and presses it every day to learn about hobby or passion. The files on the SD card will repeat themselves once they have finished cycling through the entire number of files.  The SD cards are interchangable.  Once a person acquires an LLD player, they will be able to use it for the rest of their life.



Getting Started   

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The end consumer just adds batteries and presses it every day to learn about their hobby or passion. The files on the SD card will repeat themselves once they have finished cycling through the entire number of files.  Please read everything on this page about creating an LLD and then ask yourself, "If people were exposed to my material on a consistent basis, would it add value to their lives?"

If the answer is "Yes!", then email us your voice files i ndividually numbered just as you would like to hear them along with the label you would like to have on the front.  Please email:  info@lifelearningdevices.com 

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